Ford Customer Service

Ford Customer and Service Department

An important division within Ford that supports sales to Fleet customers.

One of the most important division in Ford Motor Indonesia that support sales to Fleet customers is FCSD Department or Ford Customer and Service Department - which more familiar with the terms of AFTER SALES division. This department has 2 sub department, which become the main activities of the department itself : SERVICE department and PARTS & LOGISTIC department.

Taufik Arief, a Customer Service Manager, is responsible to the service activities which consist of:

  • Training Program (Mechanic Training, Defense Driving Training, Basic Inspection Training, etc.)
  • Fleet Support (Regular visit, Problem Solving, Communication management relates to all FCSD Dept)

Many of the activities were relate to fleet customers to ensure that the fleet customer operational activities in using Ford products always in an effective and productive condition. Some activities that can be highlighted were as below:

  • Ranger Heavy Duty Evaluation Program with PT Cipta Kridatama (Trained Group)
  • INCO Training Program through PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya on their operation areas

Pipit Susanti, Parts Supply and Logistic Manager, responsible on the supply parts availability and logistic division, which consist of:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Parts and Ordering Supply
  • Parts update Management

To support the above activities, FMI has an on-line system to ensure the parts availability and supply which name PANDA (Parts and Accessories). All Ford dealership can access PANDA system, to find out about the stock availability and ordering spare parts.

Besides this system, Ford Asia Pacific has a regional information system, where FMI can see right away the spare part stock availability in other Asia Pacific regional, and do order to those area, so speed up the stock supply availability.

To give a better support further, Ford Business Center were ready to become to center of communication to answer of service needs towards Fleet customers.